Former Tulsa Company Vidoop Moves Headquarters Along Oregon Trail

Vidoop, which provides identity and authentication solutions to financial institutions and consumers, completed its move to Portland, Ore., over the weekend. Founded in Tulsa, Vidroop moved 42 people, eight pets, five U-Hauls, four RVs, two trailers, two cars, one camera crew and one blueberry bush to Portland during a five-day road trip that ended Sunday.
“We value a strong, open and collaborative company culture and greatly appreciate our employees and the diligent work they put into Vidoop, its multi-factor authentication business solutions and password management product,” said Luke Sontag, co-founder and president of Technology for Vidoop. “The Oregon Trail caravan and relocation to Portland has enabled our employees to further connect with the company and their new home.”

Vidoop’s business solutions bring corporate-grade security to the consumer Web. The company’s recognition-based, multi-factor authentication does not use tokens, hardware, or require call center support. With Vidoop’s software-only platform, businesses can protect their consumers and reputation from prevalent forms of hacking, increase user confidence, reduce login problems and reduce call center costs for password resets.

“Portland presents a strong economic environment and talent pool for our company,” said Joel Norvell, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Vidoop. “Our headquarters are now closer to our customers, partners and West coast engineering talent, which will further drive the development of our products and solutions.”

Vidoop’s developers join the company with experience from Microsoft?, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the National Institute of Standards and Technology as well as the banking and healthcare industries.

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