Frank, Florence Purchase Schnake Turnbo Frank

Becky Frank and Russ Florence have purchased Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR from Steve Turnbo.
Financial details were not disclosed on the transaction of one of Oklahoma’s most recognized public relations firms.
Turnbo remains with the company full-time and will remain on staff for “several years,” he said. All three had previously been partners in the firm.
In their new roles, Frank is chairman and chief executive officer, while Florence is president and chief operating officer. Turnbo will serve as chairman emeritus. Chuck Schnake, the firm’s founder, is also chairman emeritus and works contractually for the firm.
“Becky Frank is an exemplary CEO and Russ Florence is an extraordinary leader,” Turnbo said. “They have formed a talented team of people who work hard every day serving their clients and their communities.”
The transition allows the firm to maintain its momentum and positions it for continued growth, he said.
“It’s a tremendous honor for Russ and me to have been mentored by two legends in the industry, in Steve Turnbo and Chuck Schnake,” Frank said. “Over the years they have raised the bar for providing the best PR counsel to help build the reputations of our clients. We look forward to this continued working relationship.”
Schnake founded the firm in Tulsa in 1970. Turnbo became a partner in 1982.
Becky Frank joined the firm as a partner in 2000 and became CEO in 2006. Russ Florence joined the firm in 2001 and became a partner in December 2007. Frank and Florence have worked together since 1991, including time at the Tulsa Area United Way and BOK Financial Corp.
“I met both (Frank and Florence) through public service,” said Turnbo. “And you can’t really have a plan, I don’t think. Some companies do. But it’s just funny how things work out, how Becky Frank came to be here, how Russ Florence came to be here, how just a perfect, sort of symmetrical evolution it is to have these people take over this company.
“People think, ‘gosh, Steve, you must have spent years orchestrating this.’ I didn’t. It just happened. Everybody thinks there was some grand plan, there wasn’t,” said Turnbo.
“A lot of it is just taking advantage of opportunities as you see them,” said Florence.
Since 2000, STF | PR has more than doubled its income and tripled its employee base. The firm has taken its work to a bigger stage in recent years through national media efforts, representing clients from throughout the country.

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