Garver Engineers Unveils Name, Logo

Garver Engineers introduces new corporate name and logo to reinforce its commitment to creating new jobs and expanding client services.
The company has abbreviated its name to Garver and developed a new logo that reflects its 90-year history and expanding client markets.
“We are growing in both people and capabilities, adding services in-house that make sense for our clients,” said Brock Johnson, Garver president. “It is important to us that our simplified name and new logo express our pledge to provide high-quality services that our clients trust and value, a formula we have successfully used to grow our numbers and geographical reach. Although engineering continues to be the cornerstone of our business, we are evolving with new services that complement and enhance our business.”
Garver’s logo utilizes a simple shape reflective of engineering and construction—the square—and incorporates a capital “G” that doubles as a circular arrow. This arrow symbolizes Garver’s never-ending commitment to its clients, a business philosophy that is based on building relationships that last forever.
“Our new logo is inspired by our rich heritage and our founder, Neal Garver,” Johnson said. “Plus, the square is a basic building block and denotes strength, equality and integrity. We use this to define our new logo and reinforce our commitment to these qualities.”
Garver’s Era of Growth includes expanding and opening new offices, and the company is on track to reach 400 employees by 2011.
Garver has offices in Little Rock, Fayetteville and Hot Springs, Ark., Tulsa and Norman, Florence and Huntsville, Ala., Brandon, Miss., Franklin, Tenn. and Frisco, Texas.

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