Gateways Will Welcome to Broken Arrow

Plans have been revealed for a new “front door” to downtown Broken Arrow.
The plans, which call for a fully landscaped area and professionally crafted signage on both corners of Kenosha and Main Streets, will cost the city about $750,000, including the price of land acquisition. Each corner will cost an estimated $100,000 to develop.
Most of the funding for the project comes from the Tulsa County Vision 2025 bond issue.
According to Michael Skates, development department director for the city, the new downtown gateways are the beginning of city beautification. Adopted in July 2005, a 20-year master plan for downtown has several phases, most of which can’t be implemented until funds are raised.
Plans also include gateways at Broadway Drive and Elm Place, Houston Avenue and Elm Place and 91st and Main Streets, Secondary gateways at Jackson and Memphis Streets and new sidewalks and signage for various city sub-neighborhoods.
Spoon Drug Acquires Property
Spoon Drug Inc. purchased a 40,000 SF building on Highway 97 for $340,000.
The seller of the building, which sits on a 200 by 200 SF lot and is in the Springs Village Center, was PVWM LLC of Sand Springs.
Montie R. Box with Montie Box Co. Realtors handled sale negotiations.

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