Glanz Seeking Sixth Term

Stanley Glanz is seeking a sixth term as Tulsa County Sheriff.
In his re-election announcement Wednesday, Glanz focused on his successes in the office for the past 20 years — five terms. If re-elected and he completes the term, he will be the longest tenured sheriff in the county’s history.
Dave Faulkner held the position for 22 years before retiring.
In addition to his tenure as sheriff, Glanz served with the Tulsa Police Department for 23 years before retiring.
And he is looking ahead to additional needs for the county that includes new courts as well as additional space in the jail.
The jail can be expanded by10 pods, he said, and there is an additional five acres of land available for a new courthouse. Locating the courts next to the David L. Moss Correctional Facility would eliminate prisoner transportation costs, saving the county and taxpayers money.
One of the big challenges facing the sheriff’s department is finding people wanting a career in law enforcement, he said. Since this department has taken the jail back, it is possible for someone with a high school diploma to start working there.
This department helps people go to college that, after completing the coursework, allows them to become deputies.
During his current term, Tulsa County has seen about a 10 percent reduction in crime.
In addition, Glanz has developed a successful Drug Task Force in collaboration with the Sand Springs and Bixby Police Departments. He also continues to work with the Tulsa Police Department on the Gangs Task Force that he originally originated.
The School Resource Officers program established in many local schools provides personnel to work closely with educators to help ensure the safety and success of children. Most efforts are in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies throughout the county.
In his role as sheriff, Glanz was instrumental in the design and construction of two jails. This includes the addition to the Adult Detention Center in Newblock Park and the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center. He has been responsible for operating the Moss Center since it was returned to his supervision from a private company in 2005.
During the past year, Glanz implemented a program with Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) and 28 employees were trained to become immigration experts.
The office, through these employees, may place detainees on criminal illegal immigrants identified through the Automated Fingerprint Information System.
As a result, more than 1,000 criminals, or persons arrested in Tulsa County on other criminal charges, have been sent to the immigration judge for a hearing, and in most cases deportation.
Glanz has received national recognition, including the Triple Crown Award from the National Sheriff’s Association for the office being accredited by CALEA, NCCHC and ACA. The office also is accredited by the Oklahoma Chief’s Association.
Glanz serves on the National Sheriff’s Association Board of Directors, the advisory board for the National Institute of Corrections and the OSBI Commission.
A.H. (Chip) McElroy is chairman of the Re-Elect Sheriff Glanz Committee.

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