Golden Bunnies

According to a recent release from Playboy, representatives from the magazine will be visiting the University of Tulsa on Oct. 9 and 10 for interviews with women to be featured in their “Girls of the Conference USA” special edition.
Playboy last featured the “Girls of the Conference USA” in its October 2000 issue. The upcoming version is scheduled to run in the May issue, which will be released April 6.
According to the Playboy website (which one can be assured was visited for research purposes only), each member of the conference will be visited by Playboy representatives between Oct. 2 and Oct. 31.
Other members of the conference include: University of Memphis; East Carolina University; Marshall University; Southern Methodist University; Tulane University; University of Central Florida; University of Texas-El Paso; University of Southern Mississippi; and University of Alabama-Birmingham.
The Communications Department at TU was not aware of Playboy’s upcoming visit, and other university officials were unavailable for comment.

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