Gomer Award is ‘Downright Ugly’

Some describe the ‘Gomer Award ’ as ‘ugly.’
That’s fine with Energy Law Journal students at the University of Tulsa College of Law. That makes it doubtful that anyone would want to keep it at home — yet it is a coveted award by the ELJ staff.
This year it was presented to Candice Freeman for her work on the ‘‘The Year In Review,’’ a publication for people in the energy industry focusing on laws that have been passed.
Freeman took over the job on short notice, said Andrew J. Butcher, Energy Law Journal Editor-in-Chief. ‘‘It was a big job and I was afraid she would come to me with lots of questions.’’
The reverse was true, he said. ‘‘She (Freeman) took the bull by the horns and did it.’’
ELJ staff members select one of their peers by secret ballot each year.
Only the Editor-in-Chief knows the winner, Butcher said. ‘‘I was especially happy that Candice won the award.’’
The trophy is kept in the Energy Law Journal office.

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