Gov. Henry Succeeds Palin

Gov. Brad Henry will serve as the next chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.
Henry will serve a two-year term beginning next year. He succeeds Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has served as leader of the energy organization since 2007.
Henry’s appointment is important for the state and the industry, said the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.
“As the nation’s third top producer of natural gas and fifth top producer of oil, Oklahoma plays a major role in this nation’s energy future,” said Dewey F. Bartlett Jr., OERB chairman. “The OERB hopes Gov. Henry can serve as a powerful advocate for our industry as the new administration develops its energy policy. “
At this critical time in history, it is important for energy-producing states to play a leadership role in the development and execution of our country’s energy policy, Gov. Henry said.
Gov. Henry doesn’t have any immediate action items other than continuing to promote the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and around the country, said Paul Sund,
Communications Director for Gov. Brad Henry.
“The governor is very interested in weaning the nation of its dependence on foreign oil and will certainly pursue methods for expanding domestic production while exploring alternative energies such as wind power and biofuels,” Sund said.
Gov. Henry endorsed the “Pickens Plan” for energy independence and is interested in energy states playing a lead role as the new administration develops its energy policy.
“He thinks the country can develop a policy that achieves energy independence and protects the environment,” Sund said.
Gov. Henry believes Oklahoma is positioned to be a leader on this issue, Sund said.
“He wants to use his position on the IOGCC to help our state have a more effective voice,” he said.
Domestic producers are the backbone of the energy economy and are uniquely qualified to help lead this effort, Henry said.
The IOGCC, established in 1935 by Oklahoma Gov. E.W. Marland, represents the interests of energy states by promoting efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas reserves, energy conservation and environmental protection. The 38-member IOGCC is the oldest and largest interstate compact organization in the country.

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