Graebel Relocates Tulsa Service Center

Even moving companies move.
Graebel Movers Inc. relocates its warehouse operations to a facility with top-of-the-line security, climate control and other amenities designed to handle customer property.
Graebel points out the move was completed on schedule during peak moving season, with no interruption in service to clients.
“To facilitate this relocation, we had two crews working steadily for approximately three weeks,” said Rick Humphreys, general manager of Graebel Oklahoma Movers Inc., which services the Tulsa area. “We finished right on schedule and according to plan. But what makes us most proud is that the move, complex and involved as it was, had no impact on sales, operations or client service, even though it occurred during peak season. In fact, our clients continued to give us high service scores during the period.”
The new facility features fire protection systems, security with nine cameras monitoring the interior of the warehouse and yard and 3,500 SF of office space to house Graebel Oklahoma Movers’ administrative operations. By design the new location is smaller than the previous warehouse – 65,000 SF versus 82,000 SF – but now enables four-high stacking of vaults, maximizing space and minimizing extra handling.
“In addition, Graebel remains the only mover in Oklahoma offering true climate control,” said Humphreys. “Our new facility offers 8,000 SF of storage with air conditioning and automated humidity controls. Considering Tulsa’s hot and humid climate, which can cause damage or loss to stored goods, we know this will continue to be a big selling point to our customers.”

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