Green Donates $10 Million to Renovate ORU

ORU announces that the Green family will donate $10 million for renovations on the ORU campus this summer.

“This gift will help to improve the quality of education for students at the new ORU,” said Board Chair Mart Green. “Our family is excited to continue partnering with ORU financially to ensure this great university continues to provide an excellent, whole-person education.”

This additional gift will build on the $10.4 million renovations from last summer as a result of the initial gift of the Green family.

Some of the renovations included remodeling in the library; restoration of the porches of the Learning Resources Center and Graduate Center; a new gazebo; additional walkways and sitting areas; new wiring to the dormitories; new microfridge units in every dorm room; total renovation of Zoppelt Auditorium; new lobby furniture in many of the dormitories; and new carpet, furniture, game tables and flat panel televisions in the lobby of the Towers dormitories.

Projects intended for this summer are being determined.

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