Green Family Chooses Three Regents to Serve on ORU Board of Trustees

Scott Howard, Glenda Payas and Rick Fenimore will serve on the newly established Board of Trustees for Oral Roberts University, according to the Green family.

The three former ORU regents will bring the total number of trustees to 16 when regents vote to approve the plan on Monday, Jan. 21.

The proposal states the current business board of regents would nominate six regents for consideration by the Green family to serve on the new board of trustees and of those, three would be selected for board membership by the Green family in consultation with Oral Roberts.

The first board of trustees meeting will take place Jan. 30 – 31 on the ORU campus. At the meeting Green will announce which regents have agreed to join the board of reference which is designed to help maintain the standing of the university and its influence and to assist the board of trustees in the transition of the university into its new form of governance.

The details and the agenda for the meeting will be released at a later time.

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