Ground Broken on Brookside Restaurant

Tulsa restaurateurs Bill and Zahidah Hyman plan an upscale but not “too pricey” southeast Asian restaurant in the second phase of the Center One development in Brookside.
Kao’s menu will reflect the Cambodian style of chef Zahidah Hyman along with Vietnamese and Malaysian influences, said Bill Hyman.
Ground was recently broken for the 2,500-SF restaurant, 3524 S. Peoria Ave., with opening expected in July.
“Aug. 1 would be optimal. I sure would like to be open for the PGA,” he said, noting he “would like to be open at the beginning of July and have that month to work through some things.”
The 2007 PGA Championship will be held at Southern Hills Country Club Aug. 6-12.
Hyman expects prices for the 80-plus capacity restaurant to be in the $8-15 range with a “full bar and some nice wines.”
“We are going to be modern Asian dining,” he said, with the interior by Tulsa designer Deborah Gatica.
Gregory S. Helms is architect on the project.

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