Happy Hands Given $6.6 Million by Reynolds Foundation

Happy Hands Education Center of Tulsa was awarded a $6.6 million capital grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to build a 20,628 SF education center to address the needs of hearing impaired children and their families.

Since Happy Hands’ inception in 1993, Happy Hands has been housed in a 1,600-SF residential building and has been limited to serving 30 children. The new facility will allow Happy Hands to provide services for up to 70 children and their families.

The Donald W. Reynolds Education Center at Happy Hands, which will be located at 8800 S. Garnett Road, will consist of classrooms, space for parent education and counseling, therapy rooms and administrative offices. Advanced technologies will be available throughout the facility and will aid in children’s listening opportunities. Sound field systems and assistive listening devices will provide these children with tools to better communicate.

Happy Hands has raised $2.7 million to date and must raise an additional $2 million to complete its campaign.

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