High-Velocity Logistics

“Lean logistics” is becoming a phrase used more and more in the supply chain management sector.
Companies are using logistics to take waste out of supply chains — waste as to excess inventory, time and cost.
Supply chains are meant to pull, not push, inventory through the supply chain, said Pat Kroblin, marketing director of United Warehouse Co., 11324 E. Apache.
An offshoot of lean logistics is “re-packaging.”
“Re-packaging has become a growing segment of our business,” Kroblin said. “We work mostly with customers who what want to get their goods distributed. They come to us for that. It becomes a value-added service.”
For example, a telecom company in Tulsa, supplying AT&T, needs short-term storage for their product.
“It is a just a two-month program. It behooves them to hire somebody like us to provide that service,” Kroblin said.
This is exactly what lean logistics is about —removing waste and variation from supply chains, said Mark Vander Veen, United Warehouse general manager.
“Wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, 3PLs and every party involved in the supply chain feels the pressure to reduce and balance cost, time and inventory — to be lean,” he said.
This is true with domestic supply chains; but it is especially true with global supply chains.
“That is where we come in,” he said. “Because we provide inventory management — the logistics outsourcing.
“It is all over the board. Whether they are a small company or a large company. mid-sized, Fortune 100, Fortune 500 or not even on the list. They all have their reasons to outsource their logistics.”

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