Home National Bank Targets Private Client Market

The president of the new Tulsa branch of Home National Bank believes the institution has put together the tools and the talent to take a significant share of the local private client banking market.
Randy Allison, branch president, said the Arkansas City, Kan.-based bank has “wanted to get into the Tulsa market for some time but really felt like it depended on the bank’s ability to hire some key people.”
“That is what has happened here,” he said. “In March, they hired me to come in and get this thing up and running.”
The bank, owned by holding company HNB Corp. with about $900 million in assets, has branches in eight Oklahoma communities, including Tulsa. Other branches are in Winfield, Kan.; Phoenix and Scotsdale, Ariz.
The Tulsa branch opened April 11, operating out of 2,000 SF of temporary offices in the Square One Office Building, 6705 E. 81st St. South, Ste. 190, as it builds a permanent location at 91st Street and Garnett Road.
Allison said the bank is targeting medical professionals, small business owners and high-income, high-net-worth individuals.
“We are operating more along the lines of a private client bank,” he said. “We are a bank for busy people – we are in this office, but it doesn’t really matter, because no one ever comes here. We go to them.”
He said the goal for the bank is to grow its loan portfolio to $45 million this year.
“From zero to $45 million in a 7-8 month time period is a pretty good hit,” he said. “We have been well received. Our deposits, which usually lag loans, have actually been pretty strong.”
He said the bank picked up $2.5-3 million in deposits in the first 30-45 days and has about $7-8 million in loans approved and in the process of funding and closing.
“We are hitting Tulsa in a big way,” Allison said.
Allison, who was chairman and CEO of Community Bank & Trust Co. for the previous six years, believes Home National has the team in place to meet the bank’s Tulsa goals.
Current executives are:
? Randy Crews, with nearly 30 years of local banking experience, is senior vice president-commercial loans. Crews was most recently executive vice president of real estate lending at Commercial Bank & Trust.
? Heather Williams, formerly with Bank of Oklahoma’s wealth management department, is senior vice president.
? Alan Aaron, who was the head of treasury management services for BOk, is executive vice president-treasury management.
Home National is developing 6.67 acres on the northeast corner of 91st Street and Garnett Road, where it will use 1.5 acres on the corner and build a permanent facility here in Tulsa, he said. The bank will develop and sell the rest of the property as a medical and professional office park.
“That puts us right smack dab in the middle of the south Tulsa medical complex, which is a big focus of what we are going to do,” Allison said. “Medical professionals, business professionals, business owners – that gives us exactly what we need to do.”
The permanent location is expected to be complete in 14-16 months, Allison said. The bank is working with Tanner Consulting LLC on plans for the facility, zoning and Planned Unit Development.
“We are trying to finalize how many SF we are going to go in here with,” Allison said. “Right now it looks like it’s going to be somewhere between 8,000-12,000 SF.”
The permanent facility will be full service with a four-lane drive in. When it opens, the number of Tulsa employees will increase from the current five to 10-12, he said.
“We can do anything that pretty much anybody else in town can do, and that includes Bank of America, Bank of Oklahoma, anyone like that,” Allison said. “The primary differential here is we are taking it to our customers.”
He said the bank will use a variety of means, including couriers, remote deposit and personal visits by bank officers, “so the customer never has to come to the bank.” ?

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