Horizontal Drilling Leads in New Directions

The Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners will hold a special meeting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 30 as part of the Commission’s process to ensure the efficient development of Oklahoma’s energy reserves.
Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy says the meeting, focusing on horizontal drilling, is part of an ongoing effort to be responsive to changes taking place in oil and gas exploration and production.
“The oil and gas industry is in the midst of a technological revolution that has enabled the production of vast new reserves,” said Murphy. “The never-ending challenge our agency faces is to be sure it is doing all it can to foster such advancements while still fulfilling its mission to balance the rights of parties and prevent waste of Oklahoma’s resources.”
Murphy said the special meeting will be an “open forum” for OCC staff, oil and gas producers, mineral owners, and other interested parties to discuss the various issues, including unitization and well spacing, raised by the increased use of horizontal drilling in Oklahoma in both conventional and unconventional natural gas reservoirs.
“We encourage all interested parties to come and present their ideas and comments for consideration,” she said.
The meeting will be held in Room 301 of the Jim Thorpe Building, 2101 North Lincoln, Oklahoma City.

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