IBC Bank Selects Identity Theft Protection

To help safeguard its customers from identity theft, IBC Bank has partnered with CSIdentity to offer an identity theft protection program.
CSIdentity’s consumer identity theft protection product, CSIdentity ProtectorSM, is being offered throughout IBC’s branch network and through the company’s Web site, www.IBC.com.
“IBC Bank prides itself on ‘doing more’ for its customers and the communities it serves. This means going above and beyond what is expected, providing our customers with access to financial services along with the commitment that we are keeping their financial information safe,” said Dennis Nixon, president and CEO of IBC Bank’s parent, International Bancshares Corp. “So when the opportunity arose for us to partner with CSIdentity to provide our customers with a product that will help safeguard their personal security, we jumped at the chance.”
Unlike other protection companies that only offer credit monitoring – which only protects against 18 percent of identity theft-related crimes — Austin, Texas-based CSIdentity’s CSIdentity Protector provides monitoring by accessing credit reports, court and criminal records, public records and non-credit loans to provide a subscriber with reports, alerts and ongoing monitoring of fraudulent activity associated with his/her name, address, Social Security number and date of birth. Plus, using CyberAgent technology, CSIdentity scours the Internet 24 hours a day to identify criminal trading or selling of personal information online.
“Banks have been pushed to the forefront of the identity theft epidemic because of their interaction with consumers’ personal information and money. As identity theft continues to spread, IBC Bank has taken a proactive step toward protecting its customers,” CSIdentity Chairman William Morrow said. “Our products are designed with identity thieves in mind to catch criminal activities when they happen and before extensive damage can occur. A proactive stance, like the one IBC Bank is offering its customers, is key to thwarting thieves and safeguarding your identity.”
The partnership announcement occurs just as IBC and CSIdentity begin an educational campaign in Texas and Oklahoma to help inform consumers about identity theft and how to protect their identities. In April, the two companies are hosting educational seminars and citywide shredding events in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

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