INCOG Pitches Rail Plans

To expand I-44 one lane costs $100 million, while for $50 million an existing rail line could be improved for commuter rail that could reduce traffic congestion 20 percent.
The Broken Arrow corridor is one of the top ones being considered. But, up there in the top two is a west bank rail from Tulsa downtown to Jenks.
Although very preliminary, two Indian Nations Council of Governments transportation planners showed data they have compiled to the Southwest Tulsa Planning Team Monday.
Planner Patrick Fox also said as he traced a circle shape on a map in the area of 71st and Union, “Anecdotally, there are 7,000 plats being planned for right here.”
Fox said they are looking at six rail corridors and balancing timing of many factors, such as river development, the Arena downtown being finished, etc.”Being behind the curve is working for us,” Fox said. Other cities, which have done rail, have taught Tulsa planners that:
‰ Build it before you need it.
‰ Planning needs to be comprehensive considering all factors, outlying cities without bus transportation, and parking lots and businesses for people debarking from the trains.
He said some cities had torn out rail lines and deeded the property away. Tulsa still has a rail network.
The Tulsa-Sapulpa Union former trolley rail was also mentioned. Randy Dittmann asked if planners were looking at Sapulpa. Pam Roland said that line runs through the S. 25th W. Avenue intersection with Southwest Boulevard, and very close of homes.
Asking for feedback from the group, several raised hands they approved.

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