Inconvenient Youth Tours Coming to Tulsa to Raise Awareness of Global Warming

Inconvenient Youth, a non-profit of teens, is touring 36 U.S. cities including Tulsa with Buena Vista Records artists KSM to raise awareness of global warming.
“By becoming a member of Inconvenient Youth, teens can learn how to effectively educate others about global warming,” said Inconvenient Youth founder Mary Doerr, a high school senior. “With this tour we hope to inspire and motivate young people to rally their peers and hometown communities to fight climate change. It’s been amazing to see such a strong reception to our efforts so far, and we’ve only just begun.”
The tour will be in Tulsa Oct. 8 and 9.
Working with Disney and KSM, the Inconvenient Youth tour route will align closely with the tour schedule of the 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars, a sports and music event featuring the country’s gymnasts and Disney recording artists. KSM will perform as part of the 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars, and Inconvenient Youth will also be on site to provide information about global warming and give youth the opportunity to sign up for network membership.
In addition to the activities with the 2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars, the Inconvenient Youth tour with KSM will visit local secondary schools and select additional cities where young people will receive the presentation and enjoy a live performance by KSM.
Catering directly to its tech-savvy audience, youth attendees at all of the Inconvenient Youth tour stops, both concert venues and schools, can register for the network by visiting the Inconvenient Youth Web site or texting “EARTH” to 626269 on their mobile phones.
Inconvenient Youth was founded by a team of four teenagers based in Menlo Park, Calif.

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