Indian Monument Approaches Benchmark

The National Indian Monument and Institute near Jenks continues to seek funding to meet a $3-million benchmark set for June 30 to proceed with plans to construct an American Indian Cultural Center on the west side of the Arkansas River at 71st Street and Elwood Ave.
NIMI has secured a 99-year lease from the Tulsa River Parks Authority for the 39-acre plat of land and has already received a Vision 2025 initiative for $2 million for utilities infrastructure and roadways. NIMI has also received nearly half of its $3 million funding goal to build the first phase of the project, which will include office space, classrooms, a theater and an outdoor dining area.
When fully erected, the facility is estimated to cost about $30 million and will include an art gallery, indoor and outdoor theaters, dance grounds, a gift shop, a tourist information center, a library and restaurant.

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