Industry Reps File Statement on EPA Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to regulate carbon dioxide, pushing rules that would lead to regulatory nightmares and trigger massive economic costs.
Representatives from 28 free market and conservative organizations filed a joint comment urging EPA not to make an endangerment finding with respect to greenhouse gas emissions from new motor vehicles under the Clean Air Act.
The comment argues that an “endangerment” finding could trigger an economically devastating regulatory cascade that Congress never approved or intended when it enacted Section 202 in 1970 or amended it in 1977.
The result would be tens of thousands of previously unregulated buildings and facilities would face regulations, monitoring, controls and penalties under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration pre-construction permitting program. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people could face pointless paperwork burdens under the Title V operating permits program; millions could face onerous yet inscrutable technology requirements under the Hazardous Air Pollutant program.
EPA could even be compelled to set green house National Ambient Air Quality Standards that an outright de-industrialization program would be insufficient to attain. In short, an endangerment finding could set the stage for regulatory consequences no Congress would ever approve.

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