Innovative Approach to a Complicated Industry

The advancement of technology and widespread use of the Internet has changed the way almost every industry conducts business, including the real estate industry.

From virtual home tours to multiple listing sites, buyers and sellers can post and search for their first or next home from the comfort of their couch, making the use of a real estate agent whose sole purpose is to show houses almost obsolete. But real estate firms are transitioning with the times and not only putting technology to use, but also reshaping their business model to cater to buyers and sellers.

Accent Realtors, led by Tulsa real estate broker Paul Wheeler, is an example of the trend toward more services among today’s real estate firms, as well as the move from a single realtor to a team of experts.

Traditionally, one real estate associate is responsible for handling all transactions and marketing activities that occur when a home is sold or bought. But Accent employs realtors with areas of expertise from listing managers to buyer specialists. Together they use their skills to navigate the complex real estate transaction process and guarantee success by buying any home not sold within 90 days.

“There are 46 government agencies and at least 86 people who will touch a real estate transaction,” Wheeler said. “With all the government regulations, lender applications and legalities associated with transferring home ownership, expert knowledge at every step in the process is key to a successful transaction.”

Through the Accent model, each client is represented by a listing specialist, listing manager, buyer specialist and contract manager all trained and experienced in their specific areas.

Wheeler has been utilizing the team approach since the early 1990’s and in that time he has consistently sold more than 20 times the national realtor average and ranks in the top tenth of one percent of the nation’s realtors.

Wheeler feels the Accent model not only gives his clients the best care, but will allow his firm to continue to grow and transition with the industry.

“Real estate is a fast-paced, ever changing market,” he said. “To keep up and be successful takes flexibility and insight.”

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