Jenks Negotiates Bond Issue Projects

The Jenks Board of Education granted school administrators power to begin negotiating with construction management and architecture firms on four separate projects, all of which are part of the already-approved Jenks Public Schools 2008 Bond Issue.
Executive Administrator Ben Ferem said he hopes to present negotiated contracts for approval at the next board meeting, scheduled Sept. 14.
The most expensive of the three projects is the proposed Trojan Aquatic Center at an estimated $18 million. The district plans to renovate the existing pool facility and add a new 50-meter competition pool with seating for 1,500.
KSQ Architects has produced conceptual drawings, and Flintco Construction Management is in negotiations with administrators.
Manhattan Construction Management, GH2 Architects and TMP Associates Inc. have been tapped for negotiations for a new Math and Science Building, the cost of which will range from $11 to $14 million.
Manhattan is also in negotiations, along with Beck Architects, to build a $5 million addition to Jenks East Elementary School.
Crossland Construction Management and KSQ Architects are negotiating fees to design and build an addition to Jenks Middle School.
While it is important to note that the school district is only in negotiations with the companies, Ferem said there is no reason to doubt the completion of contracts.
“We have every reason to believe that negotiations will be successful and that we will go to the school board for approval at the next meeting,” he said.
Other projects included in the 2008 Bond Issue include Hunter Dwelley Stadium renovation, performing arts classroom and lab addition, Southeast classroom addition and renovation, baseball complex renovation, Frank Herald Gymnasium renovation, Central Campus PEG Gym renovation, West Campus classrooms, East Intermediate classroom and building renovation, education service and early learning center and a multi-purpose student center.
Ferem said the total cost of the projects will be about $113 million, the full amount of which has been approved, and that administrators and the board hope to have the entire projects list done in five years. ?′

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