Jenks Public Schools Foundation Appoints New Executives

The Jenks Public Schools Foundation recently filled two key executive positions. Susan Kenny and Robert W. Baker, III are the new Executive Director and Director of Development, respectively.
Susan Kenny was recently appointed to the position of Executive Director. Kenny will provide leadership for the Foundation’s day-to-day activities, and serve as liaison between the Foundation and school administrators, teachers, parent-teacher organizations, parents, students and the community.
Robert W. Baker, III was recently hired to serve as Director of Development. In his new position, Baker will oversee and direct all fund raising activities for the Foundation. Baker brings with him more than 15 years of expertise in the fund raising industry.
Since its inception in 1987, the Foundation has donated over $1.4 million to Jenks Public Schools. It is the Foundation’s strong and committed belief that all students in the Jenks district can and will benefit from an enhanced academic environment, and from the opportunities that they receive from the additional programs and projects funded by the JPSF. This support is realized through funding programs such as: student support, JA Biztown for all Jenks 5th graders; AVID, a program to mentor students; the Vision of Excellence awards; curriculum and professional development; and looking toward the future, funding for the Chinese language and exchange programs for students and teachers.

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