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Sean Griffin, outside-of-the-box thinker, co-founder of Vizalution LLC and chair of the Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, is probably the one person most entrepreneurs who participate in the Spirit Award credit for helping broaden their scope and improving their approach to their businesses.
Granted, the Spirit Award is a group effort by the City of Tulsa and a number of successful local entrepreneurs who lend their services as judges and coaches to the up-and-coming participants. Even so, Griffin’s propensity for visual and creative thinking and his uncanny knack for giving smart business advice makes him a priceless commodity to participating entrepreneurs.
As the 2007 third place winner said in giving advice to would-be participants, “Listen to what the judges say, especially Sean. He is so, so inspirational.”
So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to submit your big idea to the 2009 Spirit Award, you may not listen to us or to any of the past participants, but maybe you’ll listen to Sean. Below, he offers 10 reasons to enter Mayor Taylor’s Tulsa Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.
1. You’ll gain connections with some of Tulsa’s most influential business and community leaders.
2. You’ll increase your exposure to money people and the Tulsa community.
3. You’ll learn and understand the keys to developing a successful business model.
4. You’ll learn tried-and-true business practices from a network of “Thought Leaders.”
5. You’ll hone your business plan and expand your opportunities.
6. You’ll get customized one-on-one coaching from experienced entrepreneurs.
7. You’ll maximize your ability to pitch your compelling business story.
8. You’ll become part of Tulsa’s biggest entrepreneurial catalyst, the Spirit Award.
9. You’ll have fun while taking your idea off the drawing board and into action.
10. You could win $30,000 cash – no strings attached.

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