KFAQ the Only Fox News Radio Affiliate in Tulsa

KFAQ-AM became the exclusive affiliate of Fox News radio in Tulsa on Aug. 1.

Previously, the five-minute Fox News broadcast was heard on 1170 KFAQ and a 1-minute newscast on KRMG-AM 740.

Fox made their 1-minute newscast unavailable in this market, said Drew Anderssen, KRMG general manager.

“The decision was in their hands,” Anderssen said.

A Fox Radio spokesman agreed.

“I do not want to be quoted on this but we terminated our agreement with KRMG and moved it to KXBL,” said Dana Klinghoffer, a Fox News spokesman in New York City. Klinghoffer declined to provide details, citing confidentiality rules.

Brian Gann, KFAQ operations manager, also declined to provide any details.

“Other than to say that Fox News agreed to provide us with not only the programming we already had been receiving, but also other programming, in an effort to strengthen our relationship with Fox,” Gann replied via e-mail. “Because our business agreements are confidential, I can’t be more specific.”

KRMG will continue to use multiple network feeds to support its local newscasts, Anderssen said.

“That is what’s great about KRMG, we have a 50-year heritage built upon people providing local newscast with the help of networks,” he said. “We are changing our philosophy of having a strong local news image. The emphasis will always be on local news.”

KFAQ, airs Fox News and several nationally syndicated talk shows.

Since launching its 5-minute network broadcast on June 1, 2005, Fox News Radio has become the fastest-growing network ever, Klinghoffer said.

Fox broadcasts its 5-minute newscast on 352 stations and its 1-minute newscast over 233 stations — for a total of 585 stations across the U.S.

KXBL-FM is based in Henryetta.

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