KOTV Helicopter Back in Flight

The news helicopter for station KOTV Channel 6, out of service since it was involved in an accident last summer, returns to the air.
The made upgraded the technology and video capabilities of the helicopter, outfitting it with 3 on-board cameras, including SteadiZoom 360. The cutting-edge equipment represents an improvement over the previous technology, which was the most advanced at that time.
Three on-board cameras will bring viewers more pictures and greater perspective from the air.
The camera features advanced microprocessor-controlled gyro stabilization technology – 5 axes vs. the previous 2 axes. The result is jitter-free imagery regardless of the motion of the aircraft.
The gyro system, combined with the camera’s next-generation zoom lens, provides closer, clearer pictures at greater range. The new lens’ focal length is more than five times greater than the previous camera’s lens meaning greater magnification of the subject from a much farther distance..
The chopper is the only station-owned television news helicopter in Tulsa.

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