Key Construction Sues Oklahoma Subcontractors

A construction mishap at the site of Oklahoma City’s Value Place Hotel has led Key Construction Co. to file suit against three Oklahoma companies.
In 2004, Value Place hired Key as general contractor for a hotel on I-44 in Oklahoma City. Key hired CTR Construction Services and Midwest Home Maintenance as subcontractors.
In May 2005 plumbing leaks resulted in a large amount of water damage to the hotel. Key and the other companies repaired the damage.
Key filed suit Dec. 19 against CTR and Midwest of Oklahoma City, and Mid-Continent Casualty Co. of Tulsa, for $740,000.
According to the suit, Key paid the hotel $200,000 for time lost. When added to Key’s cost for repairing the hotel, it is seeking $740,000 from CTR and Midwest.
Key claims that CTR and Midwest failed to abide by the restrictions of the contract by hiring a plumbing subcontractor without its approval. CTR, Midwest and this subcontractor, Key claims, caused the leaks by failing to install the water supply system properly.
Following the repairs, Key went to CTR, Midwest and its insurance company, Mid-Continent, for compensation.

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