Kia Rondo: Unique Multipurpose Motoring

If you are among the majority of American drivers who have deserted the ranks of car owners in favor of being a truck driver, i.e. selecting a pickup truck, SUV or van for your personal transport, then you should try on the Kia Rondo for size.
Sport-utility and van body designs are built on a truck chassis structure, and therefore are literally trucks, technically classified as such, as is the venerable pickup.
A more appropriate classification for these vehicles would be what they truly are: station wagons. Unfortunately, that label became a dirty word in automotive marketing back when the most practical family transportation was the station wagon. Soccer moms and other members of the distaff persuasion imparted a femininity to the extended sedan body style, and macho-minded men wanted to avoid being seen behind the wheel of a “mother’s car.”
Hence, the SUV came to the rescue, as a truck, to bolster fragile male egos by having off-road capability and body design featuring rugged shapes and massive scale of some components.
The Kia Rondo is a refreshingly appropriate ergonomic design. By typical SUV standards, the Rondo is compact, but capacious in passenger space, with three seat rows, cargo hauling potential and many more luxury appointments than you would expect on a truck.
Even more impressive is Rondo’s performance. Its 2.7 liter DOHC engine, coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission and quick suspension for most satisfying driving, either on road or off. At highway speed, the V6 engine provides plenty of passing power reserve. Four-wheel disc antilock brakes, controlled braking force distribution and electronic stability control, make it safer to operate in that mode than most other SUV’s. Dual front airbags, front seat mounted side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags virtually surround the passenger cage, completing Rondo’s thoroughly comprehensive safety system.
Fabrication quality is exceptional, as well, and with a power sunroof, Infinity AM/FM/CDC audio system and third row seats, the sticker stipulation of $22,495 is an excellent buy as a Sport Utility Truck with so much go, drivewise. ?

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