Kivisto Lawyer Questions Statements

John Tucker, attorney for former SemGroup chairman and CEO Tom Kivisto, issued a statement on the claim filed in Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.
“I have not permitted Tom Kivisto to respond to false accusations that have appeared in newspapers,” he said. “Now that a complaint has been filed in Court, the accusers — for the first time — will be required to support their accusations with evidence and proof. We are confident that there will be no proof of these spurious claims and that the evidence will exonerate Tom Kivisto.”
Tucker said in the statement the information in the recently filed lawsuit appeares to be based on news articles that quoted statements made by the spokesman for Carlyle/Riverstone, the hedge fund owners who are running the company.
“It is unfortunate that Carlyle/Riverstone, the hedge fund owners that have taken over SemGroup, continue to act with total disregard for the interests of SemGroup employees, the oil producers who supplied SemGroup, the other creditors and the citizens of Tulsa,” Tucker said. “The Carlyle/Riverstone owners continue to force their plans to liquidate the company. Liquidation will benefit only the banks and secured creditors. Hedge funds like Carlyle/ Riverstone have plunged America’seconomy into crisis, and they are trying to blame others wherever possible.”
Tucker said Carlyle/Riverstone has banked profits from SemGroup well in excess of its investment. Carlyle/Riverstone has nothing to lose by liquidation of the company and little to gain if an investor injects capital which saves SemGroup, Tucker said.

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