Klemme to Host Workshop

Oklahoma Centennial photographer Mike Klemme, who provided sephotographs for this feature on Post Oak Lodge, will host his inaugural photographic/creativity workshop at the conference resort in May
The weeklong event May 10-16, will focus on creativity and the importance of seeing things from many perspectives to capture familiar things in unfamiliar ways.
“I am excited to share my experience and creativity tips with other photographers,” says Klemme. “It’s an innovative workshop that provides participants a new way to see the world differently.”
Klemme, a native Oklahoman and an internationally respected golf course photographer. He has earned over 4.5 million frequent flier miles as he’s traveled the world in the last 25 years. He has photographed more than 1,700 golf courses in 45 countries around the globe for real estate developers, golf course architects, advertising agencies and publishers.
For more information, visit www.mikeklemme.com/workshops.

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