Krebs Police Begin Using Electronic Ticketing

The Krebs Police Department invested in an electronic ticketing solution that will allow them to save time and money when writing traffic tickets.
The high-tech solution, called digiTICKET, will improve officer safety by decreasing the amount of time each officer spends on the side of the road.
The city has entered into a five-year agreement with Tulsa-based Anyware Mobile Solutions, a division of MacroSolve Inc., to implement the system. Police officers will use digiTICKET to issue traffic tickets, meaning they will no longer write tickets by hand, but instead create them electronically.
“Having assessed the economics of electronic ticketing solutions, we feel that this is a wise investment for our police department to make at this time. We anticipate seeing economic efficiencies and increased officer safety immediately upon implementation,” stated Krebs Police Chief, Dennis Cook.
Chief Cook says the officers are expected to begin using the electronic ticketing software this summer.
Officers will use a handheld mobile computer to scan a driver’s license barcode which will automatically enter the data onto the ticket.
The officer can then enter the traffic violation and capture the driver’s signature on the handheld device. The officer will be able to provide the driver with a printed receipt that includes information about the violation, court date and a phone number to call for more information. The information will then be electronically sent to the city’s record management system, eliminating lost or illegible tickets and the need to hand type the information into the system.
“digiTICKET is a great fit for our department and our community. The product will simplify the ticketing process for all involved,” Cook said. “It will also keep our officers safer and get them back on the road protecting our citizens faster.”
Sand Springs is using digiTICKET and says it has already saved them time and money. Anyware Mobile Solutions Vice President Eric Fultz praised Krebs for being progressive.
“Electronic ticketing will provide immediate benefits to cities like Krebs as they look to increase efficiency in the face of tightening budgets. We have been very pleased with the response of cities similar to the size of Krebs. Even smaller departments can quickly see how this type of mobile solution can benefit their departments and city. We appreciate the City of Krebs and Chief Cook’s progressive nature in adopting technology that will improve the city’s bottom line. We hope that they will serve as an example to other police departments across Oklahoma and the United States,” said Fultz.

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