Landfill Expansion Approved

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality approved American Environmental Landfill in Sand Springs for a 150-acre expansion of its current landfill site.
AEL, in Osage County, north of the Sand Springs Expressway on North 177th West Ave. The site, across the street from AEL’s location and will add 50 years of capacity to the life of the landfill.
The continuing vision for any landfill operation must include a sense of pride in all facets of business and community relations, said Kenneth Burkett, owner of AEL.
This decision comes on the heels of the Tulsa City Council’s debate on city trash collection. City of Tulsa, commercial haulers dispose of commercial waste at the Walter B. Hall Resource Recovery facility or the Quarry Landfill. AEL’s expansion would allow for additional landfill space, assisting possible future economic growth.
AEL, repeatedly called “best operated [landfill] in the state,” according to ODEQ. The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has also touted AEL for being a leading landfill in the industry.
“We are deeply committed to meeting and exceeding environmental standards. ODEQ’s approval of our expansion enables us to continue this commitment as well as develop an even greater capacity to serve others for many years to come,” said Todd Green, AEL’s General Manager.
The usage of the landfill expansion will begin when AEL’s current site reaches its physical capacity. AEL gives private tours to civic organizations, schools, and other organizations to provide people a better understanding of the critical necessity for proper landfill operations.
Most Americans don’t realize the positive effect landfills have on the economy and environment. In many cases, the waste people create and send to a landfill can generate enough energy to power an entire community and often, revenues generated from a successfully operating landfill can be used to improve schools, roads, and the quality of life for all who live near the site.
American Environmental Landfill was purchased in 2000 by Burkett.

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