Langley Now Offering Permanent Contact Lens Surgery

EyeCare Associates is now offering the latest “Permanent Contact Lens Surgery” which is a safe alternative to LASIK. It is one of the few facilities in Oklahoma offering the Implantable Contact Lens Procedure – or ICL.

Dr. Dan Langley is one of only three ophthalmic surgeons in Oklahoma certified to perform the procedure by Visian, which makes the lens used in the procedure.

Implantable contact lenses correct vision in much the same way as external contact lenses, except they are placed inside the eye where they permanently improve vision. Permanent contact lenses give those who are not candidates for laser vision correction an option for permanent vision correction.

The ICL procedure is virtually pain free and has a success rate greater than 95 percent. Langley is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and one of the most skilled eye surgeons in the region. He is a refractive and cataract surgeon certified by VISX to perform the LASIK procedure.

Skilled in performing complex surgical procedures, he is one of a select few refractive surgeons in Tulsa certified to use the INTRALASE laser as well as corneal transplants and implants.

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