Latest ‘Judicial Hellholes’ Report Cites Oklahoma

Oklahoma received a dishonorable mention this month in annual report from The American Tort Reform Association Judicial Hellholes, which ranks and evaluates America’s most unfair jurisdictions in to be sued.
Dishonorable mentions recognize particularly abusive practices, unsound court decisions, or legislative action that creates unfairness in the civil justice system. This is the fourth consecutive year Oklahoma has received a negative mention in the report.
“Oklahoma cannot afford to continue to be listed in the Judicial Hellholes report,” said Mike Seney, senior vice president of operations for The State Chamber of Oklahoma. “The American Tort Reform Association is the largest, most respected lawsuit reform organization in the country. When they list a state in their report, major businesses and corporations pay attention. And, that’s not a good thing.”
ATRA gave Oklahoma a dishonorable mention because of Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of major lawsuit reform and the State Supreme Court’s disallowance of some reforms passed in 2004.
Full text of the 2007 Judicial Hellholes report is posted at
The State Chamber of Oklahoma represents more than 2,000 businesses with 320,000 employees statewide. For nearly 80 years, The State Chamber has been an advocate for making Oklahoma the state of choice for business.

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