Lay Offs at Cox Media

Cox Media releases an undisclosed number of staff in its Tulsa office on Tuesday.
People working as advertising support staff were let go as the job duties were centralized at company headquarters in Atlanta, said Todd Smith, Cox Communications spokesman.
Smith refused to disclose the number of layoffs.
“We are not giving out that number. It is a small percentage,” he said. “We had a staff reduction as we we consolidate the local advertising sales staff across the country.”

The company is ramping up a wireless operation and as Cox sees efficiencies in other areas, it centralizes and consolidates, Smith said.
“We are doing this in all the markets, pulling these (support level) operations into one facility,” he said.
The jobs include traffic management, encoding and accounting.
“All behind the scenes activities —?done after the advertising sale occurs,” Smith said. “It is part of our ongoing optimization of the workforce.”
Cox operates a cable company in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets plus five radio stations in Tulsa. Cox employs 2,200 statewide and has 500,000 subscribers.

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