Legacy of Judicial Appointments

Gov. Brad Henry thinks the judges he has named will be his legacy to Oklahoma.
Henry, who attended the formal swearing-in ceremonies for Judges Carlos J. Chappelle and Kurt G. Glassco, said he has named more than 100 judges to either the appellate or district courts during his seven years in office.
“I actually have the easy job,” he said. “It is the judicial nominating committee that makes the hard choices. I applaud the Judicial Nominating Commission for their work and thank them for going through the pool of 10 or 15 applicants for each position, then giving me just three from which to make the final selection.
“It has been my duty that I have taken seriously, and I have interviewed every candidate — more than 300 — and have met the finest attorneys in Oklahoma. I couldn’t be more proud of these two judges, Carlos J. Chappelle and Kurt G. Glassco, and I feel they will serve their district and the state with independence, honor and integrity.”
Henry said that every time a name is placed on his desk, he pauses to think about the importance of the judicial position.
In the big picture, a judge serves the assigned district, as well as the state. The judicial system is the bedrock of democracy.
“We must work to maintain the independence of the judiciary because our society and freedom depends on it,” Henry said.
There is no decision a governor makes that will have a more far-reaching impact on the state for many years to come.
Henry, as a “former practicing attorney,” said he understands the wealth of the work judges contribute every day.

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