Legislators Form Tulsa Caucus

State Rep. Eric Proctor and state Sen. Gary Stanislawski announce the formation of the Tulsa Caucus.
“Tulsa’s needs are being crowded out at the Capitol,” said Proctor, co-founder of the Tulsa Caucus. “When it comes to looking out for Tulsa and our future, it is important for all Tulsans to work together. I am proud to join with Senator Stanislawski in forming the Tulsa Caucus at the State Capitol. As a proud Democrat I know there is a time and place for partisanship, but when it comes to Tulsa, we are working together to put that partisanship aside, so everyone who wants to make Tulsa better needs to be a part of this team effort.”
“Tulsa has been the main economic engine for Oklahoma for over 100 years, yet we have been a net donor to Oklahoma’s treasury. We want to make sure Tulsa’s interests are not overlooked at the Capitol,” said Stanislawski, a Republican. “As freshman senator I realized early that the individuals who are able to get the best results do so as team. You have legislative groups, such as the rural caucus, that are able to better serve their community because they ignore partisanship and work together for their constituents.”
“Tulsa’s historic role as a center of job creation has served Oklahoma well. To continue as a leader, Tulsa needs to make sure that our infrastructure needs are met and that we encourage and nourish that entrepreneurial spirit,” said Proctor.
The Tulsa Caucus, a non-partisan organization, will meet before the end of the year to review upcoming legislative priorities.  

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