Littlefield Collaborates to Establish Issues Management Network

Tulsa-based Brand development firm Littlefield has entered into an agreement with ten other firms across the southern United States region to create the Issues Management Network. Together, the firms will combine their strengths and resources to provide seamless assistance for clients whose interests span multi-state regions.

Issues management is the process of assessing and addressing present and emerging issues that can impact an organization. Such issues may impact reputation, brand, public policy, litigation or other key areas. President and CEO David Littlefield said companies, especially national brands, need and demand targeted access and connectivity in order to reach key decision makers and opinion leaders.

“The network enables clients to address problems that may impact audiences and markets across a broad area but still respond in ways that can vary according to each local market,” said Littlefield.

Firms listed as members of the Issues Management Network include Chernoff Newman of Columbia and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; CJRW of Little Rock and Springdale, Arkansas, and Dallas, Texas; GodwinGroup of Jackson and Biloxi, Mississippi; Harris DeVille & Associates of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama; HORNE LLP of Jackson, Mississippi, Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana; Jackson Spalding of Atlanta, Georgia; Littlefield of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Lopez Negrete of Houston, Texas; Stephen Bradley & Associates of Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama; Stevens|fkm of Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas; and Tucker Hall of Tampa, Tallahassee and Orlando, Florida.

All member firms will remain independent but will enter mutually beneficial working relationships to serve clients. Littlefield said the collective strengths and geographic locations of network members represent a huge advantage to both clients and member firms. The multi-state network also offers specialized expertise such as disaster planning and management from HORNE LLP and includes one of the nation’s leading Hispanic marketing firms, Houston-based Lopez Negrete, in order to better communicate with the region’s growing Latino population.

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