Live Home Auction Event June 20

More than 60 homes will be sold to the highest bidders during a live, televised auction conducted by Auction Network —?in partnership with Williams & Williams on Saturday, June 20.
The “Live Absolute Home Auctions” event takes place in front of a live audience at the Golden Eagle Broadcast Center at 81st and Lewis. Doors open at 1 p.m. and bidders should register on site 30 minutes prior to the start of the auctions. Registration is free.
Interested buyers from around the globe can bid in person, online or over the telephone on single family homes in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and many other states across America.
“There’s a growing interest in buying real estate at market value and we want to make it an experience that’s fun, exciting and easy to participate,” said Fontana Fitzwilson, General Manager of Auction Network. “Auction Network gives viewers a front row seat to the auction and allows them to bid real time from the comfort of their home.”

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