Local Agency Conducts Survey

Tulsa Cares conducts a needs assessment of people living with HIV/AIDS in northeastern Oklahoma to assist in determining client services and programs that meet those needs.
The effort is a collaboration between Tulsa Cares and the Center for Applied Research for Non-Profits at the University of Oklahoma. Data will be collected until Oct. 1.
With the advancement of medicine, many people infected with HIV/AIDS are living longer, healthier lives, which in effect create a greater need for support services in this population. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2006, there were an estimated 56,300 new HIV infections in the United States. According to the Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa, it is estimated that nearly 1,700 people are living with HIV/AIDS in the Tulsa Metropolitan area with a growth of 100 new cases each year.
Anyone who is HIV positive and/or living with AIDS is encouraged to take the anonymous survey. Participants can expect the survey to take about 30 minutes. The results of the survey will help area service providers better meet clients needs.
The survey can be found at tulsacares.org.

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