Lund Assumes Control Of Carson Attractions

Tulsa Oilers owner Jeff Lund is, in a sense, returning to his roots in the entertainment industry in Green Country.

After almost a year of discussions, Lund has reached agreement with Dick Carson, president and owner of Carson Attractions ticketing operation, to take control of Carson Attractions. Lund, a long time friend and associate of Carson, says the sale will assure patrons of the Tulsa Convention Center, and other Carson Attraction events, continue to enjoy the events with no interruption in ticketing service.

“With this purchase we will be able to maintain continuity with our current ticketing, upgrade extensively the ticketing software, and continue to offer prime services to those using the Convention Center, as well as others presenting public events throughout the area. Plus, the same great staff that has decades of ticketing experience will continue to operate the company. It should be a seamless transition, and one which we are very excited about,” Lund said.

Carson Attractions has run the ticketing operation at the Tulsa Convention Center for over 40 years. It offers ticketing services to all users of the Convention Center and also to users of other facilities in the area.

The purchase brings Lund full circle with Carson Attractions. He began his career in the entertainment business with Carson Attractions 30 years ago. At one point, he was vice-president for Carson Attractions. Lund became the Oilers general manager when the team was re born along with the Central Hockey League in 1992. He became owner of the Oilers in 1999.

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