MacroSolve Launches ReForm XT

Anyware Mobile Solutions launches an advanced online mobile application builders that allows Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm users to create and manage mobile applications for individual or companywide use.
“The online platform requires minimal technical effort or expertise,” said Clint Parr, MacroSolve president and CEO. “Mobile Solutions’ proprietary ReForm XT software solution simplifies mobile smart phone applications for business customers.”
MacroSolve is the parent company of Anyware Mobile Solutions.
“Prior to ReForm XT, other applications found online have been inflexible one-size-fits-all downloads that did not serve the business customer well. With ReForm XT, creation, customization and distribution of mobile applications for business customers using smartphones and rugged Windows handhelds is incredibly simplified,” Parr said.
The LogicLine graphical application builder accelerates the ability to streamline operations within a workforce, which is increasingly familiar with cell phone technology. Route delivery, surveys, audit, inspection, sales, inventory, research and other paper-intensive processes can be easily automated using ReForm XT. Website tutorials and telephone access to customer assistance enhances the user experience.

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