MacroSolve On Track to Meet Milestones

MacroSolve Inc., parent company of Anyware Mobile Solutions, says it has received additional funding from investors in its $2.3 million convertible debt financing as it continues to meet monthly strategic milestones.
These milestones, required by the investors, include specific company performance criteria around product development, sales, new customer acquisition, fund raising and cash flow.
MacroSolve’s Anyware Mobile Solutions division is on track to be cash flow positive by Q1 of 2010.
This positive cash flow position will support the ongoing development of MacroSolve as a whole and specifically the development and upcoming launch of MacroSolve’s mobility e-Marketplace. Through Sept. 21, the company issued $1.3 million in convertible debentures out of an anticipated $2.3 million.
“I’m pleased to announce that from a financing and cash flow perspective, we are well on track to support our revenue growth goals as we move towards earnings. This is based on our ability to consistently deliver on our strategic milestones,” said Clint Parr, MacroSolve President and CEO.

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