MacroSolve Releases Upgrades to digiTicket

MacroSolve Inc. upgrades its digiTicket electronic ticketing solution.
The device is deployed at numerous police departments throughout Oklahoma and is gaining traction nationally through direct sales and resellers.
Product upgrades include:
? Picture capture. Officers can now use the digiTicket handheld computer to capture a digital photograph and attach it to the e-ticket.
? Multiple violations per ticket. When issuing multiple tickets to a violator, digiTICKET now has the capability to print multiple violations on a single paper ticket. This continues to speed up the process of issuing tickets and in turn increases officer safety and productivity.
? Online violation administration. Agencies can now add new violations or update existing fine amounts through an online tool. All the information is automatically updated on all mobile devices deployed in the field.
? Operates on new Intermec hardware. digiTicket has now been certified on the CN50, a new rugged handheld device by Intermec.
? Driver license scanning for most of North America. digiTicket can now automatically read magnetic strips and barcodes from drivers licenses and ID cards from all over the US, Mexico and Canada.
“We continue to work closely with our digiTicket customers. We are focused on continuous upgrades to the product, which has become the leading e-ticketing solution for Oklahoma police departments and we intend to make it that nationally in the near future,” stated MacroSolve President and CEO Clint Parr.

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