MacroSolve Upgrades ReForm XT

MacroSolve Inc., parent of Anyware Mobile Solutions, announces the release of a series of upgrades designed to promote the use of ReForm XT.
A web-based mobile form builder, ReForm XT allows any paper form to be replaced.
The app provides non-technical users the ability to build custom mobile form applications to fit specific information gathering and marketing needs.
Information collected on the mobile device is uploaded to a secure centralized server, where the data can be viewed as HTML reports, downloaded as a spreadsheet or sent to individuals or groups via email.
The key upgrades:
1) Cross-platform functionality and support for all major web browsers including Mozilla? Firefox, Apple? Safari, and Google? Chrome.
2) Ability to create a ReForm XT account and register from virtually any mobile device. Users can now complete the registration process on their handheld prior to using their PC or Mac to generate and customize forms.
3) Wholesale upgrades to technology platform in preparation for upcoming launch of ReForm XT for iPhone apps.
?e are gaining significant traction with ReForm XT through app downloads, direct sales, and resale distribution channels. Our aim is to continue to improve, upgrade, and keep ReForm XT at the forefront as a ubiquitous, cross platform mobile business solution,?stated Clint Parr, MacroSolve president and CEO.  

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