MacroSolve’s ReForm XT Gains Acceptance

MacroSolve Inc. reports its recently launched ReForm XT, an advanced online mobile application builder, is seeing success in large and small businesses in numerous industries including healthcare, energy, logistics, rental car companies and service providers.
The mobile application builder is used to streamline processes including billing, expense and inventory tracking, customer satisfaction, proof of delivery, surveys, audit, inspection, sales, and other paper-intensive processes that benefit from automation.
Anyware exceeded its first quarter goals of getting ReForm XT into the hands of small business owners. MacroSolve is the parent of Anyware Mobile Solutions.
One company now using ReForm XT is Shine On Automotive Detail ( Shine On is using ReForm XT to track expenses and revenues, generate billing, proof of delivery, and to schedule follow up appointments.
“Being a small service-based business, we needed a solution to help us manage the paperwork. ReForm XT is affordable and, since we already have smartphones, we didn’t have to purchase any hardware,” stated Shine On President Corey Breckenridge
Through the site, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm users can create and manage mobile applications for individual or company-wide use. Anyware Mobile Solutions’ proprietary ReForm XT software solution simplifies mobile smartphone applications for business customers. Businesses are increasingly using smartphones specifically to improve operating efficiencies. Smartphone sales are projected to grow 11 percent in 2009 according to iSuppli, while a recent survey by CTIA revealed that businesses expect to gain operating efficiencies of 15 percent by implementing mobile applications.

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