Macrosolve Pioneer in Business Mobility Market

Tulsa-based MacroSolve Inc., which provides business to business mobile data and video solutions, has launched an advanced online mobile application builder through its subsidiary Anyware Mobile Solutions.
The application allows Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm users to create and manage mobile applications for individual or companywide use.
The LogicLine graphical application builder accelerates the ability to streamline operations within a workforce, which is increasingly familiar with cell phone technology.
Route delivery, surveys, audit, inspection, sales, inventory, research and other paper-intensive processes can be easily automated using ReForm XT. Web site tutorials and telephone access to customer assistance enhances the user experience.
“The online platform requires minimal technical effort or expertise,” said Clint Parr, MacroSolve president and CEO. “Mobile Solutions’ ReForm XT software solution simplifies mobile smart phone applications for business customers.”
Prior to ReForm XT, online applications have been an inflexible one-size-fits-all download that did not serve the business customer well, Parr said. With ReForm XT, creation, customization and distribution of mobile applications for business customers using smartphones and Windows handhelds is simplified.
A pioneer in the expanding market, Anyware Mobile is part of the $104 billion business mobility market projected to grow at a 12 percent rate through 2012. The publicly traded company employs 25 at its offices on the seventh floor of Mapco Plaza, 1717 S. Boulder Ave.
Under the Anyware Mobile Solutions brand, MacroSolve achieved revenues of $2.3 million in fiscal year 2007, a 66 percent increase over ‘06 revenues of $1.4 million, primarily by serving small to medium-sized U.S. business customers. MacroSolve has gained technical expertise, market knowledge and collected partnerships with mobile device companies such as Palm, Blackberry and Intermec; and national network carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.
MacroSolve made a public offering on Aug. 15. While the company registered shares for public trading, the company did not raise capital through issuance of new shares, Parr said.
In October, in a move to fortify its portfolio and marketing capabilities, MacroSolve said it would begin seeking acquisition candidates in the B2B mobility space.
Acquisition targets include: mobile application and platform providers; regional mobile business solutions providers that serve small to medium sized businesses; and Web 2.0 firms complementary to the upcoming launch of MacroSolve’s online mobility marketplace, Parr said.
“We are seeing a lot of smaller companies in the mobile business solutions market that have great technology, human resources, and increasing revenues, but in today’s challenging fund-raising environment they have a diminishing ability to grow and serve the marketplace. We believe we can offer a great opportunity for select best-of-breed mobility providers to join MacroSolve and benefit from our organization, our efficiencies, and our status as a public company,” Parr said.
MacroSolve has seen 21.2 percent year-over-year growth through the third quarter this year from the same time a year ago.
For the nine months ended Sept. 30. Total net sales increased $402,000, or 21 percent, through Sept. 30, compared to $2.297 million from $1.895 million in 2007. Services revenue increased $487,000 or 28 percent for the period to $2.233 million from $1.745 million as the company established relationships with new clients and expanded its work with several existing customers. Hardware sales this year were down $96,000, or 73 percent, to $35,000 from $131,000 while software licensing revenues this year were $29,000 — up $10,000, or 53 percent, from $19,000 for the same period in 2007.
MacroSolve’s revenue growth has been driven by internal growth with increasing demand from new customers and current customers.
The company continues to pursue innovative strategies to help businesses gain mobility’s competitive advantages and bottom-line benefits.
MacroSolve is leveraging its experience and its partnerships with leaders in all key industry segments.

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