Magazine Ranks Oklahoma 11th in Nation for School Technology

Oklahoma schools overall rank 11th in the nation for school technology and they do especially well in effectively using the technology they have, ranking fifth in the nation, Education Week magazine reported in its annual “Technology Counts” report.
The report gave a “State Technology Report Card” to each state and the nation in four areas: Access to Technology, Use of Technology, Capacity for Effective Use of Technology and Overall. The grades were assigned on the basis of how many points each state achieved in the subcategories of each area.
In every area scored on school technology in the report, Oklahoma was better than the nation, with the exception of access to technology.
Access was determined by the percent of students in both grades 4 and 8 with access to computers in school and the number of students per instructional computer and per high-speed Internet-connected computer. Oklahoma received fewer points than the nation for 8th graders having less access to computers than the national average, but the state received the same grade as the nation, a “C.”
“I’m proud of what this report reveals about our schools: that they maximize the technical resources they have to the best of their ability and to their students’ benefit,” Sandy Garrett, state superintendent of public instruction, said. “Our schools waste not when it comes to technology tools for the classroom but, as this report validates, having the financial resources to improve access and provide for more technology is our challenge.”
There is no state funding for school technology in Oklahoma. Schools primarily finance their classroom technology through bond proposals. ?

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