Majority of Americans View Oklahoma Positively, Zogby Poll Says

Wal-Mart shoppers and Americans who love to watch NASCAR are likely to share that love for Oklahoma.
Nearly 56 percent of Americans who shop at Wal-Mart weekly view the state as excellent or good, while only 27.2 percent who never shop at Wal-Mart share those ratings.
More than 53 percent of NASCAR fans have an excellent or good view of Oklahoma; while only 39.5 percent of the rest of America shares that view.
The results are from a poll by Zogby International. Zogby released results from a poll at The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s Public Affairs Forum.
Overall, Americans have at least a fair view of Oklahoma, but most are unsure about the health of the state’s economy, Zogby said.
Americans living in small towns were most likely to give the state an excellent rating (9.7 percent), while those living in large cities were most likely to give a poor rating (17.8 percent).
Also, young Americans (18-24 years old) reported the highest number of uncertainty (27.4 percent are not sure about their view). But among those who do have an opinion, 21.2 percent view Oklahoma as excellent.More than two out of three More than 7 percent of Americans have an “excellent” view of Oklahoma, while almost 35 percent view the state as “good” and 26.1 percent view the state fairly, the poll found. Almost 12 percent have a “poor” view of Oklahoma and about one in five Americans do not have an opinion of the state.
The figures show an improvement for Oklahoma over a Zogby poll conducted in December 2006. That poll found that only 47 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Oklahoma; 17 percent had an unfavorable view and 31 percent had no opinion.
John Zogby, president and CEO of Zogby International, said Oklahomans should be encouraged that the current poll’s “poor” percentage rating is five points lower than the unfavorable rating two years ago.
“With one out of five Americans still unsure about Oklahoma, the state has a great opportunity to paint its own picture,” Zogby said. “The numbers appear to be moving in Oklahoma’s direction, and with young Americans giving the state its highest excellent ratings, the future could be bright.”
On the question of “How would you rate the current economic conditions of Oklahoma?” 30 percent responded with at least a fair view, while 62 percent said they weren’t sure. When asked, “How would you rate the current economic conditions of Oklahoma versus the rest of the country?” more than one out of 10 Americans said it is at least somewhat better.
“When you consider our other polls showing that more than 60 percent of Americans feel the United States has been on the wrong track, Oklahoma looks pretty good,” Zogby said. “The business and legislative leaders of Oklahoma have a great opportunity to separate the state from the doom and gloom mood much of the country finds itself in.”
Other notable findings from the Zogby poll released at The State Chamber of Oklahoma’s Public Affairs Forum:
— Americans in the West were most likely to give Oklahoma both an excellent (8.4) and poor (14.7) view.
— More than one out of five Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 give Oklahoma an excellent view, the highest among all groups.
— Most Americans (53.2 percent) identify America as their residency; 21.4 percent said “My city or town,” and 1.2 percent was not sure or refused to answer that question. Another 24.3 percent identified their residency as “The planet Earth.”
“Oklahomans have known for a long time that the state is a great place to raise a family, grow a business and live your dreams,” said Richard P. Rush, president and CEO of The State Chamber. “It is fantastic that the rest of the country is starting to figure out our little secret.”

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